Good Blue


and the watershed lays across four provinces

and two states, about a million miles

and the algae it stinks, like broken promises, (that)

we can keep it clean, change our ways of life


Take the Bloodvein River, 

Ride until the water turns green

But don't you drink that water son, 

we never kept it clean


it goes on for years, years, years, 

we still got it in gear.

Fish are strugglin' for air 'round here, 

and the questions aren't clear. 


While the Earth around us

Is changing inside out

and the ones who govern' 

are polishing their shoes with doubt


 I , 

Haven't really found my circle yet, 

In time, 

I'll find my way around these words I get

I  see, 

People getting for them selves 'round here

In my next life

I will find my voice and I will sing 



don't i go outside today

and buy myself more time

to plan this getaway

I see

People getting for them selves 'round here

In my next life

I will give my voice to those who can't speak


Festival    (friendly fire)   


I could have been poor, I could have had more

I couldn’t have been happier cause it’s what I asked for

I’ve been there before, I’ve seen the north shore

I’ve been told all the truths that the lies cant ignore


Poisons let go 

The hill starts to glow

My skin starts to crawl

And my brain starts to go


I’ve rolled my self right down pope’s hill

I’ve been awake for three days , I’ve had no sleep still

The music never stops unless you’re feeling ill

I’ve seen a million faces dance for days at will


The things that I’d see, people staring at me, 

But I still know how to profit from spending money

I’ve asked all the right people, the only thing they told me

Is the only way it’s worth it’s if you cant fall asleep


I should get some sleep soon, I’ve eaten my last mushroom

I stumble to the festival and dance under the moon

There’s still tones of room sit and sing me that tune

Oh I still can’t tell the difference between midnight and noon.



The land before time


You know the sun stopped shining down on her last week

Look out to see, in the field it’s still raining,

Miles of nobody, we’re speeding


So many times , I choke on times, she moves still so smooth

If I was a better man, I...

oh time is too late for excuses


Day dreamed I was a rock, could have given my soul

Time slows my eyes and the waves erode the shore

The water calm again, sun spots dance still slow

Took me in her arms, reflections of snow


Where we weren’t there, staring, beware

A force is charging in the air

Deep in the creek, this energy has come through sleep

Sun spots moving slower, no you owe her


Day dreamed I’d been a rock, came pouring through my soul

A unity that every spirit stands on it’s own

Gathered ’round a fire, smoke it freezes still

Through the trees a mist swallows all of us at will


You know I watched the sun shine down on her heat

Look it’s become, some snow stays cold under the sun

I’m hurting everyone, it’s too late for excuses


Everything I have been, could not have never seen

Time rules the tides and the waves close another door

Body and my mind, lost touch flesh and bone

Feeling useless thoughts cloud around my stone



Different kind of love 


When the sun rises in the morning the and the sky is lit

I’m still tied to my chair but I still can’t sit

I listen for a signal but it’s still not it

Just waiting at home calling for my trip

Pulled up to the freeway, waited in that line

Just sitting , staring , smoking, eating, killing time

I don’t want my money I want what is mine

And as soon as they’ll forgive you then the sun will shine

This is a different kind of love


Sleeping through the day, now it’s night at last

She sees me and I love her with no questions asked

How can something like this happen oh so fast

Once again we’re on the highway and you hit the gas

Now the bars are open and the supermarket’s shut 

All the city lights are haunting with the silence cut

This is all I have this is all I have this is all I need


Time is so deceiving in this never ending maze

I try to keep on moving but still everything stays

I wish it could be worth it but it’s not these days

It’s just like watching holiness start to decay

Music to my ears flows through my soul

My cigarette is burning and I’ve lost control

I lay back in my lawn chair and low and behold

We feel our selves turn this bullshit back to solid gold


This is a different kind of love, like in your dreams

This is a different kind of love, like in the movies

This is a different kind of love, that’s what love means



Wind in my sail


drag my ass out of bed

it's 430pm

I'm stessin bout my life  again, but i don't have to

I got no money or job

I've givin up on guitar

It's not easy to get myself going

over and again

i build it up in my head

it's my own fault when I spend all my time wasting

another day being pissed, adding

 things to some shit list

I need something to slow me I'm all over this



When I give up, 

when I fail

when there's no wind in my sail

when i've focused on all the details, 


Sometimes it gets to painful

to think that someone's unfaithful

push it down lock it up be grateful, 

that each day goes so well

Go ahead get mad and spiteful, 

don't forget get wrong and rightfull 

criticism's  been so delightful, nobody needs this...


so i give up 

so i fail

now theres no wind in my sail,

and i'm focused on the details.





sitting by the tracks, watchin' them roll  I watch them roll like I do

I'm getting the knack of it, keeping the flow, and I'm off like the news, 

covered in sand, or walking on the ice, or climbin' up to the caves

gettin' my advance on my investment in life's long mysteries  


Now there's nothing stopping me, It's like the flood every spring

I see sixteen strings to work with

and we've got no money


been on a roll for a week now, and my fingers still bleed out, but I just cant' slow down

I thought of a line, then I though of the rhyme so I try it out loud, 

a little out of my range, but I don't stop and don't change, so I just let it out

I'm playing hours a day, and it's starting to pay, the sound's a thick as a stout


And this train keeps a rollin', like the flood every spring

I've seen so many scenes to work with

and got so much to sing


I've tried, and I just can quit

I've stopped, but just come back to it

I'm here to write and sing 

so I find, what means something to me



Nature VS. Human Nature


Say, cant you see? I start my car destroy some seeds

I saw your head Behind reflections of the sun

Off of a rock Warm still the waters trying to run

But now a damn Hold back the flow of our mother


Four elements, Five if you count that we cant see

Half that surrounds Us everyday in what  we breathe

My starship says Think one more time before you make

Our mother mad, The power of a million men



Battle if you dare After all, nobody cares

I’ll fight a bare, I am the antlers of a moose

Go for yourself, And don’t make war with all the rest

Treat our mother well, We’ll  keep our earth above our hell

I got so stoned, drive myself  home it seems so slow

Can’t keep my mind, on  road and not the radio

It’s so defined, this voice so strongly tells me no,

My friend this time, this time my friend I’m afraid so.



Bottled and bread, taking my head, brain freeze and yet, 

No body said,  Eli think again my friend, we’re born and bread, 

Taken from our mothers to defend

A way of life. A way of time inside one’s head,

The wake depends, the state I’m in is kind of bland.

So hold my hand, show me there’s nothing but the land, 

To defend, our mother needs us lend our hands, 


I saw your head, behind a tree planted back then, 

It took my hand, into the sky can we expand, 

It showed me then, inside the light inside the wind, 

Tell all our friends, our mother’s on her final legs. 



Garbage Leaf


When you throw it out the window it makes a mess of my heart

My tobacco sunburst heart

Roll down the window, toss it gets caught in a tree

Turn over a garbage leaf


Turn the corner away from the sun

Turn all of your karma into none

Turn the Camera away from the sky

turn inside a good look at your life


All these phosphates in my water have polluted my dreams

All In the name of keeping clean

Swim in the greasiest ocean until it alters my genes

To be a Cog in the waste machine


Turn the corner straight into the sun

Turn all of your karma into some

Point the camera straight into the sky

the garbage looks ten thousand miles high


The smog index is high we better cancel our run

so are we all under the weather? or under the gun?


It takes more power to build them then the output they have

Phones and computers piling up fast

garbage piles to the sky and have our aim set on space

All these pipes run to the same place


Look out the windows look at the haze, 

keep clear of ultraviolet rays

what does it take to make a change?



Nag Champa (Every flame) 


Within this lightened tunnel, tripping over rested thought

And this night is growing dark still, ten minutes till we’re caught


There’s a static on the T.V., there’s a static in my head

I want to know from where they blind me, I want to know why they’re all dead


A support group raising your head, the nearest tree begins to rot, 

After all is done your skin sheds, after all we’re what we’re not

After all you’re what I’m not.


From the windows in your dungeon, you see the stars begin to shake

It’s not something to have fun with , the earth makes it’s last mistake


There’s a fire inside your bedroom, there’s a fire inside my hands

And there’s only one more story, and there’s only one more chance


Those (motherfukcing) Police inside the station, 

They’re hitting my old friend

Only one thing gets away then, 

Only you can see the end, only you can see the end now…


There’s a place that I go to, when all my hope just floats away

But it’s not the same with out you there, and it’s just too much to take


Because every flame will burn out

Every flame will fade away, 

And every time you try to go with out, 

Your mind keeps playing games 


Now there’s a blizzard inside your head,  do you think you’re still the same?

All this power and this freedom

It’s just too much bullshit to contain.



The Ballad of "Psghetti" Freddy Segway


In a town of a size, that is similar to yours, 

comes a guitar,  and a bag,  and two boots,  and a horse, 

Ol' Freddy Segway's stopping in, hide your daughters and wifes

Pocket your lucky set of cards,  stay close to your knife.

Freddy, finds a harmonica, he plays the country and blues, 

He looks a little bit like you, and looks a little me too

Exept a he's conciderably shorter and eyes a bit more blue.

So I stay sharp, and I settle in, and I wrote me this tune.


We'll watch him play his cards, now we will look for a mistake, 

We'll set him up to watch him fall, we'll see then who's the great

gambler in this frozen town, of our music and our fate

I count the times on my left hand and it haunts me to this day.

He slithers out from ol' his house behind the saloon by the river, 

he'll wear no sun glasses, he hits the sun,     a shiver, 

his gamblin days are over, he hit the pot for his last time, 

he's getting burned so bad his eyes start to turn grey from the inside.


Freddy's a different man to me,  I'm sure , then he is to you, 

but his handshake's getting weaker as his eyes have begun to, 

fade to the greyest of the grey, from the bluest of blues, 

somethingsomethingsomethingsomething women he has used 

Freddy's not the first man, and will surley not be last, 

to let his cards and dick and gun follow the river sour mash.

I saw him from the banks one day, and had a little laugh, 

and knew Psghetti Freddy Segway, had built an awful raft.



The Night the Northern Nights Burnt Down


Get ready for work it's friday night

Nothing seems different everything seems fine

There's old people drinking scotch, some complainin'

There's no sign of what's to come, nothing's different


Now then there's smoke coming from rooms 1 and 3

and we're trying to figure out what's happening

The smoke is coming out of the ceiling 

So Gordie calls the fire brigade it's time to leave


That was the night the Northern Nights burnt down

That night the wind almost set off the whole town


So we're watching the fire start to show his strength 

Volunteer fire fighters move the propane tank

There's fire fifty feet up in the air

I can't believe all we left to burn in there


That night the Northern Nights burnt to the ground 

That night the ashes covered Churchill town


So all the guests are out safe we're under the power line

It makes a sketchy noise we know it's just a matter of time

I try to walk around the lounge to move our car

The smoke is way to thick, the sidekick is long gone


That was the night the Northern Nights burnt down

That night the wind almost set off the whole town

That night the Northern Nights burnt to the ground 

That night the ashes covered Churchill town



One More Mile


Well we’re sittin’ on the side of the road again, 

Because the van’s gotta take a break

On Roger’s pass and we lost the car that

Was supposed to lead the way.

  The radiator’s hot

Our coolant is all gone

So we fill it up with water from a friendly 

highway chum who stopped to help

We get it to Penticton and we take it to the shop

It needs a timing belt

The water pump is done, 

We’re stuck in Penticton

So we play our gig that night,

 and in the morn the van is done

We pick it up from the shop

And it’s a hefty transaction

But we’re on the road again

The van is hangin’ in


Now we’re on our way to Victoria on highway number five

I guess the mountains buried here the van has finally died, 

they tow here to the coast

we rent a truck to float

Across the channel on a ferry in a rental truck

So we pack it up and tarp it off

We drive around, have the time of our lifes

Hitting all the secret spots

We’re riding the same waves

We’re seeing the same haze

We passed some bears and goats and wolves,

 and birds you know we saw a few

We spread the sound and covered the ground 

we never knew we’d do

we lost all of our cash

but money always passes


So we won’t forget the van that got us almost half the way

We wonder how she’s doing was that the story of her final days?

We cut it pretty close

Next year we’ll take it slow



Sip it


We pass another ninja store, we finally left Vancouver

I’m getting used to flying off the bed in this here tour bus

In 3 dimensions roads can blend, at 3pm the morning ends

That’s’ why we sip it


Yeah we sip it, we sip it like the morning’s young

We sip it, we sip it sip it ‘cause we’re having fun







Again we sip it, because swigin’ it was getting’ us tired

Yeah we sip it, we sip it sip it like we just got fired


Wlhweg hdijh;ih dso;uhwe ioh gd;lh fouqh nv’nf;h api bj;h ehoihf ;uh ;oih 

Sip it sip it sip it



East Hastings to the West Edmonton Mall


East Hastings to the West Ed, 

We’re wasting hard got bread

East Hastings to the West Ed

We’re wasting out days

What could you do do do do

What could you save?

Buying this junk junk junk junk

What could we spend


East Hastings to the West Ed, 

We’re wasting hard got bread

East Hastings to the West Ed

We’re wasting out days


Some men like to smoke smoke smoke smoke

Some men like to spend

Buying this junk junk junk junk

This expensive shit never ends. 


Wastin days, Wasting away.



Arctic Tree


what if god was in this town here

just blending in, sitting down for a beer?

How many people would she look in the eye, 

how many times would we ask ourselves why?

The wind is strong here, the trees are tired. 

The air is cold, so she's trying to hide. 

She says a prayer and she sips from here gin, 

she's the perfect mix so she pours herself in. 


Pull up a chair, take a seat for a while, she asks

what do you want, and she gives me a smile. I say

I'd love for a laugh, could you tell me a joke, she says

I'm god in disguise, could you bum me a smoke? Now we're

out in the cold with the wind pushing hard, she's got her 

lips on her smoke and then she pulls out her cards

Then she's askin' me if I am feeling her luck, I say 

I'm writing a song, and I feel a bit stuck


On the castle on the bay on the hunter's moon

with the dogs sniffin' around and a bottle or two, 

well the structure's holding strong thanks to Brian Ladoon, 

then we watch the bay freeze, and we're right on cue, 

I get a feeling in my stomach now we're pushing out luck

the cops are walking up towards us, hide the gun or we're fucked

keep your eyes peeled for the bears or we're snacks for a cub, 

 she laughs as we walk home to cap the night, I'm in love!



Daniel’s story song


While they’re out fighting so hard, they keep us singing sad songs

Almost Zion this year, my children shed not a tear

In this place, they take away my own religion 


My sacred practice I loose, they take my rings and my shoes

In these barracks I’m cold, they took me away from my home

It’s pouring rain, and nobody could say a prayer


I try to tell them to love, I see my brothers above

I see them killing my kind, this gas is burning my eyes

How have I survived this again?

How come I couldn’t die like all them instead?


That’s one more thing that I know

One more thing that I wont let go

How they could  kill us and rape us and beat us

That’s one more thing that I am, 

One more person to take a stand

How could they kill us and hate us, mistreat us?


The same story I know, it’s how they feel when they’re stoned

They told me “Daniel, now it’s your time to grow old”

And it’s my turn to be bold


The roof is leaking on me, I have no socks on my feet

My mom’s crying I hear, but I can not go near

If I move, they might kill me where I stand,


And my best friend through this all, I hear a scream down the hall

I see him lying and bare, but I still can’t be scared 

Cause I know, he’s happier where he is now

And I know there’s still room for me


That’s one more thing I will know





I could have more money, I could have gone to school, 

but I've got passion to spare, I put some into a tune, 

So I can sing to your eyes, and ring through your ears, 

and I can be faithful through days, months, or years.

I could have gotten wasted, I could have fucked up

I wouldn't worry about me, I'm just a little bit stuck

Watching people enjoy things I just don't enjoy

I'll forgive you if you just want to be someone's toy


I stop in my tracks, I put it all down

I've tried and I've tried and I've tried, nothing helps

I wish I that could just forget it all

I wish I could could go back to feeling twenty feet tall

I guess I've made up my mind, I'm a lost cause for sure

I've lost charisma I've lost my allure

So I guess if I'm meant to be lonely it's true

It's my own fault this had nothing to do with you


I'm sick of getting jealous, it makes me sick to watch eyes

I'll bury these questions and try to disguise 

this firing red hot burning wonder inside

I should have more patience i should have more pride

I'll never use jaded girls like those scum bags will do

I'd never sink to that level, I'd stay honest and true

So i guess If it's mean to be broken it will

until then my heart remains open to be filled


I'm a pessimist trapped in a lonely man's eyes

I'm a therapist reading and trying to define

The past and the present all wrapped up in lies

I'm two parts obsessed and a hundred parts tired

I wish I could forget I wish I could stop

Killing my future with terrible thoughts

So I guess if I'm loosing my best friend it's the

Worst thing I've done being a jealous dumb fuck