Tipping Time


i throw my money into the hat of somebody who gives a damn

a car passes by and the sand in the sky it blows faster then

before i know it i'm home and i've opened another can

it's slow but it's running around and around like inspiration


somebody saves me, somebody pays me

some times i'm wasting the time that i've got

some times they taste me, some try and make me

something someone craves and that makes it hot


it's more or less funny, the land of milk and honey ain't down to jam

when time is about money the tip jar's over flowin' get it while ya can

before you know it, you think somebody's trapped you in their master plan

so you go out and show it, you backed up what you've borrowed down to the man


last things first and i'm working with the worst it's now or then

in some ways i am flying and others i'm relying on mostly none

with the sun's behind the buildings, the street kids count their earnings, pick up and pack their backs

and wonder down the street to a place where they can keep, their shit from getting wet


somethings don't change me, some people blame me

some thing i dont have is time to just stop

some storms they chase me, and try to make me

something someone craves and that makes it hot


flash forward fifteen years, i drink champagne instead of beer i'm comfortable now

i see the busker on the street, i pass and our eyes meet but I don't give a damn

i used to have the heart, over worked it into dark, now i'm a normal man

the man i used to be, is playing on the street and he's still got it yeah yeah yeah



Back In Town On A Rainy Day


Rollin up on the Hudson's bay line

train's slow so it takes two days, I'm

back in town and not much changed, 

still rain blowin' in my face

Settled in and I've got my pace down

keepin' up with night's I'm wastin'

in my chair I sway, 

tomorrow's just another day


and over I hang


pen's flyin and the paper's paged

flip it over and get entertained

wing night at the lounge again, 

northern lights outside dancin', a

couple dogs and a big ol'  sky

thanksgiving eating pumpkin pie

crummy trucks that are fun to drive

you and me on an rainy autumn night


Try a taste of a northern life

No city glow so the stars still shine

Stay on the go but taking time to write

You might just like it


Look out the window see the trees are leanin'

puddles gatherin' enough to swim in

horizontal rain all day

outside paint's starting to fade

Nobody walking no kids are playin' 

a few dogs outside and wailin' 

early morning bear bangers bang

outside our house here on the bay 


and over I hang

and outside it rains

so inside I sing


Coming Soon

(coming soon)




It’s so cold here, you’ll never know

The sky will set , sun will never show

Oh lord look at this place, 

Oh wont you cast me into these flames


Oh baby, baby, I want you to notice, 

All of the colors when you look in my eye

Oh maybe, maybe if you look to see it

You’ll wonder why I call you colorblind


It’s not worth it, there’s still no where left to hide

And I wont do shit, because you people cry all night


It’s so cold here, you’ve never known

Sun will set , blue skies never shown

Oh lord I choke on this taste

So now you cast me to these flames


All the life is gone now and we are all homeless 

With only memories of our star of natural light

Eight or nine planets gone, we’re floating out of orbit

Is the darkness just this planet or have I gone colorblind?


Plants and animals dead, 9000 miles to go now, 

Come tomorrow but it’s always just today

Oceans been frozen now, a million miles from out there

The sun fills the burning sky, light years away I’m still the same



The Difference of One



Show me, my souls seeping through my skin, 

Tell me, do you really think that you win

Show me…

Tell me…


On the skin, you pretend

That everything, is all right

But deeper in, behind your grin

You think you sleep with out a sin


But it’s alright now, cause you know that

Everyone just does it for them selves 

What’s the difference, that one would make?

Come back to the one who never changed. 

Who never changed?


Show me, we’re further than before

Tell me, we’ve been here way too long

Show, me that your truth is still the truth, 

Tell me, I’m still here but I’m gone



Wiser Wizard


Im not sorry Im' sorry, and not just all the time.

Because if I told you that I'm leaving here for a while, 

it's not like it's funny, it's not like I'm high, 

to be awake when it's sunny, man, it's been a while.

It's not on my shoulders, it's not on my mind. 

I'm not gripping to tight, I'm not stuck on this site.

Watching sorry be sorry, watching out of your mind.


Please someone tell me, I'm going home soon.

I can't stand another minute here. I can't stand another minute here.

You can smoke my smoke, you can have my seat, 

you can drink my beer and smoke all my weed.

That's not all I need.


I said 'listen here buddy, you know it's way past time.

No one's laughing with you at out of your mind.'

No it isn't my money, no it isn't my time, 

man how they talk about you, how you ain't been alright.

No it's not 'cause I love you, it's not 'cause I'm tired, 

of punching you harder, and harder each time, 

Watching sorry be sorry, watching out of my life.


Won't you please tell me, I'm going home soon.

I can't stand another minute here. I can't stand another minute here.

You can smoke my smoke, you can have my seat, 

you can drink my beer and smoke all my weed.


That's not all I need.



Don't Be Cool (Around Me)


I had a plan, to share with you the feeling that I get when I sing this way, 

I knew a man who took for granted all his talent, now he sells me fantasy.

I'm not going to run cause I don't care.
I'm not impressed nah, I won't be there.

Sounds familiar, like Bradley said, only when I’m dead I'll put down my guitar and then, 

you can judge me, sleeping through the day, jamming on the moon, 

get you're head out of space and put it in this tune.

Drunken, stumbling, no recollection,

Something, something, snow blinded vision.

This party's lame, where's all the action?

That riff's no fun, so play me a fast one!






There’s something about it, it makes me think about it

I cant think at all, *(there’s something about it all)


Oh the crash felt like thunder, 

It made me start to wonder, 

About the fate of the ship we’re on


Everyone was sleeping, 

I thought I was still dreaming

But I swear that I felt the rock break right on through the wall


A cry for help from down under, 

I know the ship’s begun her

Decent into the ocean’s floor


The smoke filled our cabin

No one knew what happened, 

Now does this remind you of the ship that you’re on?


The world’s become such a new place

Turn on the news see people dying look at this face

There’s not a family with out a gun


Look in the eyes of a killer

You’re cold as ice you feel your blood getting thinner

You watch the whole world kill them selves just for fun


So let ‘em run to the mountains, 

We will search day and night, until we’ve finally found them

We’ll break down their castle walls


We’ll surround their fortress

Lord knows they’ll notice, 

Their towers turn to ashes, burnt to the ground


There’s something about it , it makes me think about it

Something about it all, (I cant think at all)




Something Taking Shape


A flashing  in the mirror, looks like something's coming

I try to fill the spaces until becoming something

I've got a way with words, but I get away with nothing

I got a hold of the verse, and the chorus is coming, 

over the bridge


so i sing a song that  I don't know

just to try 

words in places they don't go

and I don't ask why  


something's taking shape, I hear them sounds a commin

comming in quatrains , and aeroplanes and jumpin'

out my mouth, on guitar, to a page, I'll be touching, out my heart to the stage, and the waves I be

ridin' ,  glidin', what ever keeps the motor running


i drive,  a road that I don't know

just to find

words in places I might go

to further describe 

Another song that I don't know

just to try  (left inside)(from inside)

words in places they don't go

i've got time to know



About right now


I try to count how many faces I've seen this week

Walking down this cold street

It seems that I'm always talking 'bout the places I want to be

walking down this cold street

NOW comes a little bit soomer this time

Everyday is a move to define

Give a little bit more and you'll find everything is closer

The past is over and I've got to focus on right now

or else it all breaks down


come on let's not hash it out

you know you've come a long way

and if you come a little closer, 

you won't be waiting you'll stay

and if we go down that road

it will be more of the same

you'll be kicking your self

for letting things get this way

and then it triggers a thought

something you thought you forgot 

and now you've just dropped your gloves

but you're not ready to scrap

and you've pulled out your guns

thats something you can't take back

that's something you can't take back

that's something you can't take back


It goes to show, don't know what lies up the road

I'm sure of nothing if sure of anything at all

It seems that I'm always talking 'bout

That I'm sort of lost about, what I have in mind in the first place

I've lost my cool a time or two

Those days are over if I can believe it's true

I'm on a rock but it's rolling still , I'm not under any spell

the rhythm is just that good.



Freein' Up My Time


gonna write a song, gonna write it fast now

gonna hit the road, run out of gas now 

gonna free my mind of what i'm thinking of, 'cause

gonna write a song, gonna write it about

singing along, feeling the grass now, 

gonna leave my mind, behind the past now, 

Freein' up my time.

freein up my


I'm cashed, i'm running low 

im gettin' gassed with someone i don't know 

i feel like an ass, now that i'm alone, 


gonna right a wrong, gonna light a match now, 

gonna move along, gonna leave my stash, behind

gonna bring my song to everywhere I go, 


Gonna ride that song, gonna ride it fast now, 

I don't need rules, I don't need cash, 

Invincable, cause I'm on a cloud now

Freein' up my time.


I;ve crashed, I'm feelin' low 

I'm gettin' down with someone I dont know

I feel kinda trashy, now that I'm alone

but it's freein' up my time time time, it's freein' up my mind mind mind.



Where the Wild Things Are


I had a dream, like any other butter fly

Torn at the seams, and had my wings ripped by a child

Wait that was me, I’ve had no reason in a while

To make believe that all that shit just ain’t your style


I watch T.V. a special on the industry

I’ll make a scene, cause It’s not good enough for me

I’m counting sheep, to think I thought that you could see

Inside me all of me, don’t you know that life is but a dream


Deep out to sea, a story teller makes a mark

On the wall, cause this old man is in the dark

ness lost beneath, sparks his last lonely cigarette 

He’s tried to leave, but he’s afraid of getting wet


A story teller, nobody listened no one cared

You change the channel, because you know the T.V. doesn’t care

An ugly poet, he isn’t fighting for the air

Etched with a key, he counts the weeks that he’s been there



All Over the Places


Brain, brain go away, 

I don’t want to think today

Go for now, stay the same, 

Up, up, up, intoxicated.

Rain, rain, rain on me, 

Steady hand, shaking my pain. 

What this of? My friend.

The gag is up, my friend.

Brain, brain, go away, 

Don’t want a single thought today.

Shot of whiskey, ounce of pain, 

Come back when I’m not the same.

Out of town, tripping, snow covered lady.

More and more feeling, thoughts can betray me

I’m in doubt this time.

Have to much patience to calm my mind.


The gag is over.

Am I glad, no I’m sober.

I’ve been had, over and over.

Though I thought I found, my four leaf clover.


Brain, brain, intoxicated

I don’t need your shit today

I’ll lay to waste, take the blame

Go bother some other stray

Wave, wave, a smile a wave, 

A piercing eye, a firm handshake.

Take back all the things I said. 

While I live here inside my head.

Sane, sane, I’ve gone insane

With thoughts like this inside my head.

Words, and speak,  I’m lost between, 

And I don’t need your nonsense scene

When will I be wise? 

When will I open my eyes?

Glorious freedom eh?

Destroy them, our kingdom pays

Before I can quit I think I should say 

“It can open your mind, or it takes it away.”


It’s lame, lame, it’s got so lame

Lost with no hair left on mane.

I am the lion, it’s all my game.

Like all the cats, who’ve gone astray.

Fame, fame, you’ve gone so tame.

All of your passion bought and framed.

Killed inside,  you thought to blame 

The game it’s all a fucking game.

You thief you snake, you mindless space, 

May all the kings men take your head

From time and money, greed and gold, 

To stories that never get old.

So free your soul, and free your mind, 

Make believe there isn’t time

There’s no where to be, there’s nothing to see

But mother earth, and you and me


Horrible pressure, eh?

Give lesser and lesser, you’ll be okay.

Before I can quit, I think I should say, 

“It can open your mind, or it can take it away.”


5am I’m still awake, 

Mind, and mind communicate

My body and  my broken fate

Boiled in my blood it resonates

Jaded, man I’ve lost such weight

I’m out of bud I’m out of papes

I don’t think I can

Fix myself with out a helping hand

Lying naked in my bed, coughing and shaking

Wake me up, good luck, good luck, my head is aching 

When will I be wise

When will I open my eyes.

Brain, Brain you’re to blame

You taught me fear, you taught me shame

You locked me in this way

I can’t escape from this game.


Twenty four hours a day

Luck for now, but in a way

I can’t quit and I know I should say

It can open your eyes, or it can keep you awake.