Beale Street Beer


My heart ain't broke

still i got soul 

it's been a while since i hit the road


i'm breathing slow

like i know

why i'm starting to feel so old


Lets have something to drink now baby

(gotta) let it grow

we ain't gotta think now baby

puttin on a show


I'm out of tune

so i'll sing the blues

I'm tryin so hard to be good for you


but the things I do

there's no excuse

and I'm tryin and tryin and tryin' to cut loose


gone swimming at night now baby

floating out deep

stage fright comes to life now lately

but i put it to sleep


lets have something to drink now baby

some of that beale street beer

second guessing our instincts baby

with music in our ears 

that's why we're here



The Day The Voice Was Gone


Forget the fear I dwell on again

the only problem I have I forced under my own skin

It's not the drugs, it's not the bands that I'm in, 

my hands are swollen, still no inspiration

obscene, this scene, so long seventeen 

Can't grip my guit, lost to complacency, 

wake, work, practice, practice

wright, wrong, classic tactics

proud voices feed the fire my hands are burning.

I know today is going to be a good day


Nothing simple, the groove is always in time, 

bar after bar, but the feel's undefined

Not lack of trying but I feel uninspired, 

the weed has stopped working, still I'll try to get wired

Set it up just to tear it down now, build it up just to break it down

Wake me up and I'll turn back around, I try to shake it, look it's spilling out now

and I know today is going to be a good day, 

I know, I know today, is going to be a good day, 

here's why....



Get Up and Go


We filled up on gas

now lets get up and go

the sun's shining off the lines on the road

and I'm saving it for the darkest kind of cold


it's been first it's been last

it's been a chip in the glass

its been time after time without jumpin' in the past

it's been one of a kind

and I've made up my mind that I'm holding onto...that the


The sun still rises, rise everyday

and I'm waking up outside (I'm) kicking holes in the rain

I Hope my hands I hope my hands are staying clean

all my life what does it mean


Been putting in the time and its only to find

that the days fly by 'cause we're doing them right

getting closer to closer to closer to feeling fine


The louder it gets when it's coming' in wet

and the echos of your mind bounce around in your head

fillin up on things that somebody already said


The sun still rises, rise everyday

and I'm waking up outside (I'm) kicking holes in the rain

I Hope my hands I hope my hands are staying clean

all my life what does it mean


picking up the pieces that the fire left behind

gettin soaked in another small town far from mind (mine)

here's to hoping here we'll park our tires


and we'll be here for just a night but it's clear

that there's something in the water that breaks right through my skin

and if I die here tonight I'll die knowing none of that fear



Time Machine


what did i think i'd be doing at the age of 26

when i was 15 hangin at the park,  tappin on leaves and sticks

well i'm tracking everyday now , tryin my best to get my fix

and i go back to that same old park, i'm just happy it exists


well last year i was in the same spot i am in this year

no money in my pocket but a tune or two in my ear

baby baby baby i wish you were up here

and i'm trying and trying and trying and trying to get by beer to beer



so if i knew then what I know, about myself these days

I wouldn't try so hard to hash it out in Winnipeg

the things i've missed and the things i've done make me the way i am

i wish i knew what I know now, hangin at the park back then



IEDs And The ICC


when i read the news 

and i feel so useless

so uninvolved

imagine, and I think of countless little things to solve

I get so shocked and blown away

by the complacency of youth today

A hundred thousand people swept under the dirt

two hundred barrels worth,

worlds away somebody works

in a corner office at the top of a green, green hill

black like the fire, his suit and tie

he's dressed to kill


and he will


welcome to the future now

and people say we've made a change

a kid still puts your shoes together 

for a wage of seven cents a day

a bean-picker in the kid's shoes, 

works until he's in his grave, 

I sit here drinking coffe, blowing smoke onto a page

give up the mansion, give up the second SUV

don't leave the lights on all day, don't steal energy

organize a protest, we've got the technology

we'll get together, so we're not the only ones, 





Wind In My Sail


drag my ass out of bed

it's 430pm

I'm stessin bout my life  again, but i don't have to

I got no money or job

I've givin up on guitar

It's not easy to get myself going

over and again

i build it up in my head

it's my own fault when I spend all my time wasting

another day being pissed, adding

 things to some shit list

I need something to slow me I'm all over this



When I give up, 

when I fail

when there's no wind in my sail

when i've focused on all the details, 


Sometimes it gets to painful

to think that someone's unfaithful

push it down lock it up be grateful, 

that each day goes so well

Go ahead get mad and spiteful, 

don't forget get wrong and rightfull 

criticism's  been so delightful, nobody needs this...


so i give up 

so i fail

now theres no wind in my sail,

and i'm focused on the details.



If A Guitar Could Laugh...This Is What It Would Sound Like. (SHINE ON)


I'm going to Al's farm, 

I'm going to Shine On

Bartender, please help my find

one more fort garry

off my bike I'm falling

God it's really happening!


Why don't we build a fire now?

Why don't we sing it real loud

gonna jam and jam and jam now 

with the shine on shine on night crowd


Why don't we build a fire now?

Why don't we sing it real loud

gonna jam and jam and jam now 

it's the shine on shine on night crowd


Seems to me that this place

is a gift so we may

act like this, we gotta 

come back here every year


Bartender please help her

find one more lil scrapper

act like this, so we 

gotta come back every year



Sway Sway, Wobble Wobble


Home is not a place. 

Fear is not a face.

Home is not a place I go when I'm over my head, over my head.

Fear is not a face I know, not a thing I love, not a place I go. 

High, not dry, 

The bunker breaks, let's flood this place

with time. I'll smile, in ten below on fire.


I sat by myself, and watched as it all caved in.

and I swear I've never prayed before, 

no I had never prayed.

A mountain of wealth, I can't look in my own eyes, 

I'm only myself, 

I don't forgive myself.

Because I can fall asleep tonight, I will sleep in.


The phone won't hold it's place, as I 

am starting to shake and swallowing tastes

of fear I'm on my own again, 

looking forewards seems so challenging, 

Why oh why, I can't keep asking questions

all the time, I cry; "I'm hearing seconds by"


I sat by myself, and watched as it all caved in.

and I swear I've never prayed before, 

no I had never prayed.

A mountain of wealth, I can't live with my old life, 

because, I'm only myself, 

I don't forgive myself.

Because I can fall asleep tonight, I will sleep in.



The Ferryman


I Talked to the river once, and I knew my time had

There were no color, and there were no faces, everything was one

I see my friends and I see the trees, I see a million tiny ants marching

I see a stone and I see my home,  I see a lonely beggar writing his poem


I see the grass, as it’s growing calmly, I feel the dirt as well

I see the stars growing through a sun beam, I can’t tell this from hell

I am the color and I am the stars, I am myself as well, 

I am the stone and I am my own, I am the lonely beggar this is my poem

I am my friends and I am the trees (scene) I am a million ants marching

I am the earth I am unity, I am to you what I’m not to me


From this feeling I regret all those times you took control

I’ve got 25 good reasons why I should leave this place alone

We’re all beggars and choosers down by the river banks in June

But we all keep crawling back cause this scar heals so slowly into a wound


Hey and I’ll never get used to it

Hey it moves right through me like I move through it

Hey life is too short and I think too long

Hey what if all I know is already gone


I see your pain and I see your envy, the way you look at night

I am the giver and I am humility, but I’m not always right

I feel the rain and I feel the current, I feel the pain and I move right through it

I am the river and I am the sky, I’m a hundred million ways to die


I feel Kamala she so warm within, imagination’s not convinced

I see the gambler, bet away his skin, the beast is tied deep roots within

I see a teacher , and a thousand students , forget my brain and I learn right through it

I see my self and I wonder why, I ever came with this thing called time



Emergency Room


In this stretcher I lay, want them to take me away

It’s not the same pain again,  it feels like this could be the end 

Now this emergency room, feels like I’ve walked through a tomb

When will this pain be done, it feels like I’m stuck to run. 

But I’m never moving, 


In this emergency room, I stare at the roof

The roof is moving

The things they’d make me do in this emergency room

I’m scared I’m living


They tell me stay still, they tell me to take this pill, will make me alright

I walk through forest trees, see what nobody sees, it’s something like god

It’s spoken to me, tells me what I’m supposed to be, the dream is over

Now her face drifts away and her presence is fades, how could god leave me?


In this emergency room, the flowers they bloom

The circle of life

You won’t be here soon in this emergency room

I better think twice



Cloudy Day


From the first time I met you babe, my shelter from the cold

And you think you once know me woman, but ha, some things were never told 

‘Cause if one thing ever owned me, it’s the rhythms buried deep inside my soul

And I ain’t gonna sugar coat it, no, no, no because

Something, will remind me, that there’s something, yeah there’s something

I couldn’t tell you babe, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t know


So you’re out on your own now babe, still I hear you call

I’m not sorry you’re lonely woman, it’s your own fault when you fall

Even though I’ve always been there, oh yeah, I’ve always been there when you’d cry

But ever since I’ve found my own way now, my own way down

This music will rock me as years pass us by, 

When you’ve hit rock bottom I’ll still be so high, so high


I’ve been taken for granted yeah, all those times you took control

But you know I’ll rise above that baby, you know I’ll sing it from my soul

But still this machine keeps on a moving, everyday she never sleeps, no, no, no, no, no, no

And it ain’t gonna turn my life around, ‘cause you know I’ve found

The music that heals the most tortured of souls

It can hold you when you’ve got nobody to hold, I’m cold, so, so cold


Oh babe, I feel those tears a coming, I can almost smell the rain

Oh you make the years mean less than nothing, pushed so far back in my brain

Still the blood keeps rushing through my veins like a runaway train yeah, 

And my heart still pounds like a burning flame, 

All those feelings kept so deep inside, down with my pride

There’s never a reason for me to take sides, so just pick me apart I’ve got nothing to hide. 



A Cure For Hiccups


the sun's out shinin' 

but he don't really care

the lights out  

and his guitar stares

he might get to thinkin' 

but lately he don't 

so he's drinking and gamblin alone


he don't want to party

he don't want to play

he don't need the bar today

he's not looking forward

he don't have a plan

so he sings and he waits in a trance


he'd sing you a love song

but he don't know how

his time goes by

lost in the clouds

he don't need a rain coat 

to walk in the rain

he's drowning in debt all the same



As Far As It Goes


As far as I know

the door's not closed

there's hoping, 

there's hope in a world that goes


as far as it goes

when I'm alone

there's hoping

there's hope in a song I wrote


Let go and give in to it

Let go and be free

sing along to it over and over again

sing with me