"Eli Matas and Zack Kinahan have prepared a disc that’s cohesive from start to finish, with great guests including Sweet Alibi and rapper John Smith..."

“The album is great but it’s the unbelievable live act they’ve become that most excites me. They are an experience at any venue they choose to play, no room too big or too small. NONE THE WISER will fill it with their sound and their fans.”

"...Eli Matas and Zack Kinahan know how to write a catchy hook and rock out when called for. With music heavily rooted in rock, they mix it up with blues, funk, soul and heartwrenching balladry..." "A solid effort from a promising band and I look forward to the next album. They are a band that will get you on your feet and keep you there."

“None The Wiser have performed at The Cavern Club in Winnipeg numerous times & we would happily have them return anytime. Their massive  ensemble crew of players are all complete professionals of their craft & the combination of all 10 (TEN!) of them together creates a wall of sound that words fail to capture. Mixtures of funk, folk, jazz, reggae & rock flow together leaving the listeners amazed.

If you don't like None The Wiser go see a doctor or just jump on an iceberg & set off in the sea.”


     -  James Brown - Talent Buyer, The Cavern Club - Winnipeg MB. 



“None the Wiser have been playing shows for me at various venues for years now. They have a fantastic mellow rock vibe, and always entertain whatever crowd is in the house. They are continuing to gather a bigger fan base and can consistently draw good crowds. I have always appreciated their professional demeanour and their respect for what ever venue I have been running. Highly recommended.”


    -  Everett King, Talent Buyer, Wee Johnnys Pub, St James Tap and Table, Tripple-5 Osborne, VP Nights - Winnipeg MB



None the Wiser's live show exploits the versatility of the rhythm and horn sections to dynamically support carefully crafted songs that have developed through countless hours of playing in basements, bars, living rooms, festivals and theaters.


After a busy few years of local shows and regional festivals in Manitoba and northern Ontario supporting their third full lengh album "Smoke and Mirrors" None the Wiser is planning a western Canadianl tour, a CD release for the upcoming album "Body Language" and a fall album release tour before a summer festival tour in 2018. 




Eli Matas - Vocals, Guitar 

Cary Bilcowski - Vocals, Guitar

Evan Curtis - Vocals, Bass

Josh Ayers - Drums

Liam Duncan - Vocals, Keys

Casimir Gruwel - Vocals, Percussion,  Saxophone

Philip Collins - Vocals, Percussion, Trupmet





Magic and Wonder LP - 2013 

Smoke and Mirrors LP - 2014

Track Record EP - 2015

Body Language LP - Coming 2017

None the Wiser  -  "because we rip through an hour and a half in 20 minutes"

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